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We are looking for new retail partners! Please call (336) 589-9668 and set up a in store viewing with one of our sales reps.

Low Minimums - Relaxed Ordering - Keystone Pricing - Territorial Rights


"One of the hottest, if not the hottest t shirt brand going into 2020. Preppy Pirate has came out of nowhere to being everywhere" - Rob L Harvell

Nautical Collection
Rep The Prep - Hashtag tee
Triple Logo Longsleeve
Preppy Pirate Fishing Charter
The original Preppy Pirate
P3 Series - Performance shirts
Button Up fashion by Preppy Pirate
Hawaiian shirt by Preppy Pirate
Ladies Preppy Pirate
Carolina Girls by Preppy Pirate
Preppy Pirate Board Shorts /Swimwear
Preppy Pirate Fashion Joggers
Call (336) 589 -9668 for more info
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